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50% deduction from the theoretical  trainings

Family offers – books hand-outs

You can refresh your Highway code knowledge for free by PCs and in written form with help of our tutors.

You can pay in instalments without interest (in 5 parts)

1. part only 18.000 Ft at the begining of course
2. part 18.000 FT after begining of practical training
3.-4.part 18-18.000 Ft during the practical training period
5. part 18.000 Ft 10 days before the end of the course

Free consultation ( theoretical course)

Practice by PCs (theoretical course)

Selling and lending  books

More deduction in group applications(over 10 students)

Special courses for schools

2 extra hours for free for students passing the theoretical exam without mistake

Highway code practice on the Internet with our special software

Fees and charges

There is 10.000 Ft discount from the theoretical course fee till 31.dec.2009-11-03
More discount from family application.

Tuition fees:

Theoretical training 20.000-10.000 till 31st december
Practical training 2.400 Ft /hour


 Theoretical exam 4.600 Ft
 Routine exam 4.700 Ft
 Exam in traffic 11.000 Ft
 Total 20.300 Ft

extra charges(not for school)

 medical test under 40 6300 Ft
 medical test over 40 (for 5 years) 4200 Ft
 First aid course 6000 Ft
 First aid exam 4300 Ft

“A” or “M” licence holders don`t have to take First aid exam!

“A” category licence holders don`t need to make medical test.

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